Matt & Cristina... plus one!

The last time I saw Matt and Cristina they were running through a stream of sparklers into the night, heading off to their honeymoon after an absolutely perfect Tahoe wedding day. 

Fast forward and we come to another exciting part of their journey as man and wife! Cristina is absolutely glowing with that look of a mother-to-be and I could not be more happy for this amazing pair to welcome their little miracle to the world! They are waiting to find out if its a little man or a sweet girl, and I love that they have the patience! That will be one amazing surprise when you meet your little bundle! Thank you so much Matt and Cristina, for allowing me to continue to document your life journey with you as your family grows. Love you guys! 

They were discussing who is going to change more diapers....  :)

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  1. What a beautiful couple. Jenn, now that you are a "mommy," you can relate to what Cristina & Matt are going though in anticipation of the arrival of their little one. How far along is she? She looks pretty close to delivering. I am sure their baby will bring them as much joy as Kaiya has brought to you and Rick.