Trevor + Eryen Nelson | Midland, Texas Wedding

I was so blessed to travel to Midland, Texas to capture the wedding of one of my dear friends from college. Eryen was marrying a guy named Trevor, and after a weekend of hearing amazing speeches, sentiments from friends and family, and then watching Trevor interact with Eryen, I know they are meant to be together. He is a Christ follower and is truly in love with his bride.  I am so happy for these two as they begin their lives together as man and wife! 
Thank you both for letting me capture your beautiful day. I think Eryen summed up the wedding perfectly when she said...

"There's not necessarily one story I tell of when I talk about my wedding, just this overall feeling of how loved and supported we were that day. It was such a special day and we felt so surrounded by the people we love the most. Also, contrary to what pretty much everyone told me would happen, there didn't seem to be a glitch or anything that went wrong in the wedding at all (or at least one that I knew of haha). It all felt perfect and exactly as I pictured it." - Eryen

"The thing that sticks out to me most about my wedding day was feeling a tremendous sense of calm when I finally got to the stage and held hands with trevor. That sticks out to me the most – I've never been more sure of anything or more confident about any decision. I just felt so at ease and calm up there with him." - Eryen

Happy marriage to you Eryen and Trevor!!

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