Kristin + Brock | Family Portraits

There is a special bond between a momma and her boy and it is so cool to see how that translates in photographs. I was so blessed to capture Kristin and Brock during this special age of his childhood. Such a cute stage as they become independent and know what they want! (which was usually the cookie monster toy; pictured below :) 

I can't emphasis how important it is to take photos with your family. Don't ever say 'oh next year'... now is important. Yes, it takes time, yes it costs money, but these memories and the people around you can never be replaced. Never take them or this time you have with them for granted. The smiles, the hugs, the facial expressions. Today is important and worth capturing. 

Thank you for letting me take these photos of you and your little boy!

I love this one. Such a sweet moment!

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  1. Such great photos of a beautiful mom & her adorable the red bow tie! These moments can never be captured at a later time, so you are absolutely correct when you say not to delay having family photos taken. I always LOVE looking back at all of the photos we took of our two sons growing up as well as our two grandsons. Photos bring back so many wonderful memories.