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I did a little interview of Shan and Sarah who are getting married next spring to learn more about their story and am happy to share it along with their engagement photos! Enjoy!

Jenn: Sarah how did you guys meet?
Sarah:  Shan and I met at Talking Stick Resort at their main lounge April 4, 2011.  Shan started talking to me and offered to buy a round of drinks.  After the third round, I offered to buy the next round, and Shan obliged.  I then pulled out a stack of FREE drink coupons.  I think that was the exact moment that Shan knew he had found the one. "

Jenn:  "I love that you remember the exact date and location! So cute that you waited to bust out the coupons! It was meant to be!" 

Jenn: Shan, at what moment did you realize taht you wanted to be with Sarah forever?

Shan: I realized that I wanted to Mary Sarah when we went to our first Diamondbacks/Mets game. The picture from that game from two years ago is the screen saver on my phone. It has been for 2 years. Why that game and that moment, no idea we were just having too much fun. 

Jenn: Still on your phone! I have to see that on wedding day and capture it! Don't change it before then! : ) 
Jenn : So, Sarah, how did Shan propose?

Sarah: For Shan's birthday (September 2012) he wanted to go to Hawaii.  I knew how much he had always wanted to go so it didn't even cross my mind he'd be proposing.  Seems like I was the only one out of my friends and family that didn't think it would happen.  Our first afternoon in HI we got unpacked and decided to hit the beach.  I couldn't figure out why Shan didn't want to go swimming.  He said he wanted to grab some Mai Tais.  So when he got back with our Mai Tais he was acting all goofy and bashful.  He then got down on one knee, switched knees, then went to both knees clearly unsure of which was proper form.  He was very nervous and excited.  We were right on the beach in front of our hotel room so we had a very large crowd of beach goers and onlookers from their balconies (our own personal cheering section).  I said yes before he even finished so I hope that's what he was going to ask :) 

Jenn: Shan, what one thing about Sarah that you love?

Shan: Sarah has a tendency to say she hates surprises... she loves them lol... 

Jenn: Well it sounds like the proposal in Hawaii sure was a surprise she will never forget! Props on pulling of that massive surprise without her knowing it was coming!

Jenn: What is the one thing about Shan that you just can't imagine life without?

Sarah : One thing that's different about Shan that I can't live without is how he would/has/will do anything/everything for me.  Although he can't read my mind...yet, he knows how to make everything better.  I don't even have to ask him, he just knows what to do and say.  Often it's just his support and knowing that he is there that makes everything seem so much better.  

How sweet is this couple? Shan and Sarah I can't wait to capture your big day in the spring! Thanks for a carefree and fun engagement session, you two are amazing together! Thanks Sarah and Shan!

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