Creative Space | The Overhaul

Okay so its been a few months ( and by a few I mean 12) but after a bridal meeting on Skype last night I looked around and saw my office was especially tidy, so I thought I would snap a few photos and share the transformation of my workspace.

Here is the before photo of my office. It wasn't horrible, but greens and browns just aren't me. It wasn't a place I felt inspired and comfortable. 

I knew I would need a place to be inspired as I edit wedding photos talk to clients and dream up stylized shoots.
And this space just wasn't going to do it.

So, I started with a fresh coat of paint.

Added some new furniture.

And a few personal touches...  



Before and Afters: 

I'm a very organized person and so everything from flashes, lenses, to business cards, contracts  and client gifts has a very specific place. I have found I cannot edit when this room is cluttered so I keep it clean! : ) 

My creative space is complete! I love working in this place, and since I spend hours editing, communicating with clients and dreaming up sessions thats pretty important. It keeps my mind fresh and it gives me multiple places to sit and work.

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  1. Your photography room looks great, Jenn! It is fun to change things in rooms occasionally. Even just a "new" color of paint on the walls can make a HUGE difference. You are getting more & more professional by the day! Love you