Aiden | 1 year portrait

I don't remember being 1 years old. 
Its too long ago and I dont' think human memory great enough to remember much from our first 12 months of life. 

However, watching Aiden on his 1st birthday, capturing the essence of what its like to have 1 little year under your belt was enlightening. 
Its glorious.

You read  books with the family on a couch that feels ginormous,  you get to run around without clothes on, you go outside and play in the grass,  and the highlight of the day; pulling out food from the magical pantry. 
Basically even the smallest of feats, like climbing onto a chair, or running with a cape on, is like the best. thing. ever. 

Aiden was such a happy boy too, good at sharing, energetic and independent, loves chasing after his big sis in the backyard, imitating whatever she did. 

I had such a blast during this lifestyle session with the Bickart family, (who I saw for Christmas photos just a few months back) In my head, these are the photos that capture what most people do on a daily basis, but rarely capture. The small things in life, like raising kids, eating cupcakes and running with your siblings, that we all remember. Thank you Bickart family, for letting me into your home and your lives to capture this capstone moment for Aiden.
(Also, on a side note, thank you for the fantastic chocolate cake with raspberry topping. Unbelievable!) : ) 

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