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Behind the lens!

My bride and groom, Daniel and Natalie had an amazing red mustang that was going to take them away to the reception after we finished up with their bride and groom photos. They were just going to walk back to the parking lot and get in and drive away....but I knew I wanted more for this cool 'getaway' scene. 

There wasn't much excitement in a  parking lot, but instead I thought it would be cool to make a quick departure with their church in the background on the main street as the sun streamed through. I wanted to capture them getting picked up as all of their bridal party honked their horns and onlookers bid them congratulations as they passed. 

It actually turned into a really fun and exciting part of the day that ended up leading to one of my favorite photos of Daniel and Natalie as they kissed in the backseat of the beautiful car.  You can just see the emotion and hype in their faces! 

The anticipation that built as we waited for the convoy to arrive... 

You can't hear it but all the cars behind them is the bridal party and they are *laying on their horns* shouting out the windows and had their radios blasting as the bride and groom got swept away!! 

The getaway!!


And here is the setup of where I was positioned during most of these shots. Facing the sun, it was about 1/2 hour before sunset so the buildings made the perfect cover to shield yet light up everything just perfectly, highlighting them instead of a direct blown out background. I was on the sidewalk while the party loaded in and had time to snap literally 2 photos before they drove off. 

Opportunity meets planning.  

Knowing exactly the setup and atmosphere  I wanted and where I needed my clients to be led to one of my favorite images from their wedding!
(Thanks to one of the bridesmaids for capturing me on the sidewalk during the exact moment! : ) 

Thinking and seeing the vision of the photos you want ahead of time can sometimes make all the difference between a bland photo in a parking lot, and an emotion filled getaway with your favorite photos!! 

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm 1.2 
1/1000th, f/2.5  at ISO 400

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