Daniel and Natalie Tansill | Wedding

He stood silently behind the red door. Alone. Bridesmaids hushed in a backroom. Guests arriving in the building next door. 

He hadn't seen her all day, no less been able to make physical contact with his soon to be bride, Natalie.

We snuck her in from a side door and the red door stayed in place, a 3 inch barrier between them for just a few more minutes. 

Holding hands may seem like a small thing, but on their wedding day, as Daniel took Natalie's hand still unable to see her in all her wedding dress glory, it changed everything. He smiled, relaxed and physically drew closer, leaning into the door, just to be as close as possible to his bride on the other side. 
It was a beautiful moment. 

I took just 5 quick photos, knowing this was one of those moments that they needed to have alone, as (about-to-be) husband and wife. A moment they would want to remember with prayers spoken between just the two of them, without a photographer in their face before the final walk down the aisle... but I was so glad I got those first few moments as they grasped hands. 

It. was. priceless.

One of my all time favorite moments. 
Daniel and Natalie! What to say!?! Thank you so so much for letting me be there to capture your sweet quiet moments, your walk down the aisle, and your crazy fun party afterwards. Its amazing couples like you guys, who are truly head-over-heels in love with each other that makes me feel so blessed to do what I do. Enjoy soaking in the moments from your one special day. 




Thanks again Natalie and Daniel! Best to you both as you continue to live out your lives together!  

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  1. What a beautiful bride, handsome groom, lovely bridesmaids' dresses, gorgeous wedding gown & wedding cake, and fabulous photos! Jenn, I can see from your photos why you enjoyed photographing this wedding. EVERYTHING looked truly beautiful!


  2. Beautiful photos!! It made me feel like I was there! :)