Josh & Katy + Baby Kinsley

Kinsley's story is being shared with permission from her parents Katy and Josh. Had I not known their story before our maternity session, I would never have guessed the trial and heartache these two have been through. They had huge smiles and laughed together; our session was a time to relax and celebrate the heartbeat, little kicks and life of their little baby girl. 

To read more about Josh, Katy and their journey, you can read their personal blog here


Like any first time parents, Josh and Katy were anxious for the arrival of their little baby and wished they could speed up the process. They talked about all the little things they couldn't wait for, like playing guitar, teaching their baby to walk and just holding him/her in their arms. 

When they found out they were having a little girl, they were overjoyed and read lots of books preparing them for parenthood and more importantly found a name that they both loved; Kinsley.

Then came the routine 20 week appointment... and something was off. The tech took a lot of pictures and then said then needed to get a follow up level II anatomy scan the next day. It was after a 2 hour ultrasound and other tests that they found out that their little Kinsley had Trisomy 13, a genetic disorder that made her "incompatible with life". Her disabilities were caused by the T13, a problem that is deadly all by itself. 

Katy and Josh were crushed. 
All of their dreams and hopes for this little girl were quickly displaced in a matter of minutes with fear, pain and numbness at the sudden diagnosis and fate of their little girl. 

 The question of terminating pregnancy came up, doctors said the list of health issues Kinsley faced on a list of 1-10 are a 10. It would be an uphill struggle, with no chances of surgical corrections, and that most people would choose to terminate. 

Josh and Katy chose to take a different road. They decided to keep Kinsley. To shower her in prayers; to love and protect  her as long as  they have her on this earth.  In many ways they know this is the harder road to take, but it is the one they know deep down is best for all of them. 

 And so they decided to honor Kinsley and capture her now, while she is safe and sound; still growing in Katy's belly. This is a session to honor Kinsley, her life and her loving parents. 

These two are incredibly strong people. Their faith in God is what is getting them through this hard trial in life. Something tells me that even through all the pain they will endure, they will be abundantly blessed in this life. 

Thank you Josh and Katy, for sharing your story, and for keeping Kinsley.  

The Lord bless you and keep you. 

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