Danny and Katie | Santa Cruz Wedding

Though tons of memories come to mind when you ask her about her wedding day... there is one that Katie remembers very distinctly. 

Standing behind the large wooden church doors... the processional has just started and she stands, holding onto her fathers hand. They don't say anything, but he knows his little girl needs him right there; to be calm, to be steady. She needs his hand.  
Her little nephew, Jack, sticks his little face up against the window and stares at Katie in her long white dress and veil. She waves to him and mouths " I love you". 

She is standing there... waiting, praying, and preparing to meet Danny. Her soon to be husband. 

Hidden by the doors, its just father and daughter for the last few moments before they walk out. Dad
 calls out to her what he sees through the glass panelling as it is happening beyond them. Smiling bridesmaids walking, a shy ring bearer... and then, everyone is standing. They are standing, for her. And at the very front of the room, tall and strong in his dark suit, is Danny.  Standing at the altar. Waiting... just. for. her. 

The doors open and as Katie walks down the aisle she relaxes her grip on her dad just a little bit at the sight of him. There is Danny, at the front of aisle, a glowing smile  and teary eyed. 
As they make it to the front, Katie lets go of her Dad... and slips her hand... into Danny's.

And the rest of their life together... begins.


Katie! Danny! I love you guys and I love this moment of your story! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your magical day! You two are an amazing couple and I am excited to see what God does in your lives!   Enjoy remembering the memories from the day you two became one! 


Happy Marriage you two!!
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