Zach and Jody Workshop/ Working through a downpour!

I recently got to attend a workshop by Zach and Jody Gray and it was an *amazing* experience getting to see how other photographers work, how to get perfect white balance and working through a torrential downpour!  If you are considering attending a workshop this year, go to this one!! 

I took the workshop in Phoenix, and despite our claim on great winter weather, it was a day full of unpredictable weather. I actually loved the craziness as we got to see Zach and Jody and how they would work on a day that is less than perfect and make it work with what they got! As a photographer, you have to be prepared to work through whatever comes your way!  We should have known we were in for it when it started hailing outside at about 11am.. but we kept going... 

We ran outside when the weather cleared up to get some photos while we had some light. Here we got to implement the techniques that Zach and Jody had been teaching it. I love the hands on time and we could ask any questions right there and have Zach and Jody actually look on our cameras as we got our settings right and got the perfect shots.

We kept shooting, but the weather got even worse; it wasn't long before the wind and rain picked up. Umberellas were turned inside out, photographers ran in every direction to try and find shelter for their cameras and lenses! It was crazy...

But instead of calling it quits, we moved our session into a nearby parking garage and kept it going. Because we kept going, i actually ended up getting one of my favorite shots from the entire day; who would have thought a parking garage would create such awesome lines?  ( If you didn't know... this is Zach and Jody who are amazing wedding photographers from Nashville.) So blessed to learn from them! 

Despite the weather, I learned a ton and got some fun shots. Check them out : ) 

Thanks to Zach and Jody for an amazing day full of growth, connection and awesome shots! 

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