We all feel a little awkward sometimes.. but especially me.

This post goes out to all my awesome clients, who have braved the trials of standing in front of my camera and rock it!

You all have done a wonderful job and i just have to applaud your willingness to subject yourself to what can sometimes be an awkward situation. I mean come on, we aren't models! But somehow you guys pull it off... and way better than i ever could! So glad to have you guys!

So just to prove that i not only share in your suffering of feeling awkward, but make you guys look good, here are a few of mine : )

I mean... seriously... 

I have no one but myself to blame. 

Happy Friday!! And a BIG thank you to every one of my clients who pulls this off way better than I do!  You guys are the best! 

To book your non-awkward session, go here! 

Huge thanks to my good friend Trevor Dayley who took these! I didn't give him much to work with and once i started dancing it was on! : ) Trevor is amazing and got so much of who i am on camera! Thank you for including all of my moments, i LOVE them! Thank you Trevor! Take a minute and check out his stuff here: 

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