Bad editing, too many presets.. but most of all growth.

Last week I got to do a presentation on what I am passionate about. Which was of course about photography.

As I put together my powerpoint , I realized I was only picking out the very best of my photos, the ones that would make me look great and people would cry because they just felt the emotion and love of the moment through my photography ... hey i can dream right? : )  But as I looked over the presentation,  I quickly realized that I was missing my story. I mean how does anyone know a shot is good if we don't have the context to compare it to how bad it might have been?

The coolest part of seeing where I am now, is knowing where I came from. And that is the best  story that can be told, that is the truth, that is... my story.

So I went back through my portfolio and picked out photos from my early days, like my first shoots.  The ones where i didn't understand exposure and used way to many presets and editing! This became my jumping off point of my presentation to show where I started, mistakes I had made and what I used to offer to my clients.

I loved walking through the past year of photos and being able to see the growth in my work, so i thought i would share a few with you as well. Enjoy Friends!

BY THE WAY!~  Its a little scary to put yourself out there, to say "hey here is my art in its first forms" cause you can always get criticism.  Its humbling, but its also a part of my story, so, I share with you freely. : )

(these are all photos in their complete form, as given to the client )




Now: (Same family! Luckily I gave them some good photos as well, so they came back! Thanks Finchers!) 



Its fun to reflect in life on not just where you are now, but where you have come from. The things in life that have made you who you are. What mistakes and bridges did you have to cross to help mold you into the person you've become? I know mine has been full of bumps and adjustments along the way... but in the end its making me a better person.

Thanks to Trevor Dayley for this photo! : )

Thanks for following me on my journey! Your support means everything! 

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  1. Hi Jenn,

    I am no photographer by all means; therefore, I am not qualified to make a professional judgment on ANY of your photos. But I do feel that ALL of your photos have been fantastic with obvious improvement as you continue on your journey of becoming a professional photographer. You have grown in choosing your photo site, background, poses, etc. Continue to improve as you have & one day you will be one fantastic professional photographer who will be kept VERY busy!! Love you, Joanne