David and Cathy are getting married!

When they first met, she walked away from a conversation with him thinking he was a port-a-potty cleaner. Little did Cathy know that David had quite the sense of humor and was just messing with her...

Crazy part was after their conversation she was so impressed , SHE REALLY WANTED HIM TO CALL HER! She waited by the phone for a few days until he finally dialed the 10 simple numbers that would connect him to his future bride.

and the rest...is still to come.

Less than 40 days from now, these two amazing individuals will be saying their " I do's" as the sun sets over South Mountain in Phoenix Arizona.

Cathy, David and sweet Ashlyn, thank you for letting me capture your love. You guys are an amazing family and I am thankful to get to capture your special day!

And a few of cute little Ashlyn with mom and dad!~

By the end, she had watched me long enough that SHE became the photographer! So cute. She was directing them on how to pose, stand and hug. Haha! Love her! 

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