A snowy proposal, fruit snacks & an heirloom; Amy & JM.

It was their second date. That was when JM knew that he was going to marry her. 

They were both into hiking, so for their first friend date, they hiked camelback at five in the morning. Even though Amy could hardly see his face as the sun had yet to rise, she knew the comfort she felt with this guy was nothing to be overlooked. JM high-fived her when they got to the top where they split fruit snacks and an orange and exchanged casual banter. Amy thought that he was very sweet and loved the fact that he made her laugh. 

But the magic started on their second 'official' date. They chose the Peralta Trail to hike this time. During the hike Amy revealed that her favorite chocolate bar was an almond joy. This set the ball in motion... Then she mentioned that her dream adventure was Nepal... getting closer..... oh and then she told JM that they were kindred spirits. And that. was. it. 

JM knew that this was the girl that would walk down the aisle to him one day....

And that one day is coming soon for them! In keeping with the mountain for special moments, JM chose a snowy ampitheater in scenic Colorado (he had to up his game and mountain choice for a moment like this!!). He had written a letter for Amy to read that outlined their relationship, his love for her and his desire to marry her. Filled with emotion, Amy couldn't get through the letter as her eyes filled with tears, so JM poured out his love for her and asked for her hand in marriage. 

The coolest part? This man planned ahead and not only got permission from her parents, Dave & Sandy, but he proposed with her grandmas ring. It was the perfect moment. 

~Thank you both, for letting me capture your love in this special time of life.  JM you are one lucky guy and I wish you both the best God filled lives and futures together. 

love this one of her...

 Creating beautiful spontaneous music together. 

Thanks again you guys!

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