Private Plane Engagement Session | Kat and Mike

They had me at private plane. 

Because when two pilots fall in love, it is kind of inevitable. Right??

I could tell when we first started to plan out this engagement session with Kat a few months ago, that this was going to be a totally one-of-a -kind experience. Private runway, super cute plane and of course an intercontinental love story had me all sorts of excited to get these two in front of a camera! 

Kat and Mike are both pilots and met at work! Kat is originally from Holland so they had to do the long distance relationship, which is truly a great test for the strength for any couple that is dating! My hubby and I had to do long distance while I finished grad school for 8 grueling months, but man it really does make you realize quickly if this person is meant for you or not! Lots of talking! : ) So hats of to these two for making it work! Thats a true testament to your relationship and what you are willing to do for each other!  When Kat flew in for a stay, she quickly realized the wait and all the effort was worth it! I love her story and looooved their totally unique session that was so perfect for them! Thank you guys for a great session! So excited for you guys to marry! 

“I flew to the States to celebrate my birthday weekend and was suppose to stay here for about a week. Him and I had a long distance relationship for over two and half years by than which was hard to maintain due to distance (surprise surprise) and time change. The night of my arrival we planned a small stay-cation with a fancy dinner. After we finished our dinner he said he loved me very much, but couldn't do this long distance thing anymore... I honestly thought he was going to break up with me then and there.. Wrong, he pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him! Best way to describe my reaction would be flabbergasted!.” -Kat

“Both of us are pilots, we love to fly and we met because of it. Our engagement shoot was at an airport where we could use someone airplane, a super cute taildragger!.” - Kat

“We couldn't officially date because of work issues, but after the first we went out (haha Jamba Juice is the best!) he dropped me of at our apartment complex and kissed me.” -Kat

“SoI remember seeing him walk around in our building, always thought he was cute but hey, I'm not from here so I didn't think anything of it. That was until the NYE that we talked to each other and I found out that he is also very charming and funny, that was when I started to develop a crush for him.” - Kat

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