Sheraton Wild Horse Pass, Phoenix Arizona Wedding, Lindsay and Vince

The first time I got to talk to Lindsay and Vince, I knew we would get along perfectly! We skyped online because they are both crazy successful lawyers and at the time Lindsay was studying for her BAR exam. Hello hours and hours of dedicated studying! But even though we only talked online, it was an instant connection and these two people made me feel so comfortable and like I had known them forever! I totally get why these two people had 30 people in their bridal party! So. Many. Friends.

When we met up for their engagement session it was so fun to get to connect with them in person. And yes, Lindsay passed the BAR! Woohoo!

And I'm going to be honest, looking back on this day, I was a little nervous about the size of the bridal party. It is, to date, the largest party I have ever shot and I was not afraid of the number itself, but finding beautiful light for 30 people in one photo. That my friends can sometimes be tricky. So I planned ahead and made sure that come wedding day everything would go smoothly. I made an appointment with Sandra at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass (she's amazing!) the week before the wedding, and we walked through the entire venue. We started with where we were going to be for getting ready photos and then from there I was able to scout out where there would be just enough shade with a gorgeous backdrop for the guys and the girls at noonday when the light is the worst. (see those photos below!) We walked through the ceremony location and I found perfect places for Vince and Lindsay's bride and groom photos after the wedding. It was such a relief and knowing exactly where I wanted to take the photos all day was such a great head start to their day!

The best part about my silly worry? The large bridal party made the day so amazing, in fact it was one of the best parts! These two people are so loved and watching them interact and be loved on by *all* of their friends was truly one of the best parts of their day. I always say that one of the best parts of my job is getting to watch the relationships and dynamics of loved ones between the couple. It is what makes each wedding day unique and it is what set Lindsay and Vince's day on a whole new level! Thank you guys for letting us be there to document!  And now... their wedding day! 

 “I love Vince's smile and sense of humor, they go hand in hand because he's always smiling when he's trying to be funny. We laugh together all the time and think that together we are pretty hysterical.  It makes spending time together that much better!” -Lindsay

“The thing I loved about our time together during bride and groom portrait time was just being able to take the first pictures with my "wife" - in a more relaxed setting because at that point, the seriousness was over and it was just time to have fun. “ - Vince
This beautifully crafted day was put together by this talented group of vendors! Hats off to you guys for making this so amazing! 
Florals: Garden Gate
Videographer : Serendipity
Invitations: Nora Belle Designs
Grooms Outfitting: Men's Warehouse
Shoes: Vince Camuto
If I could relive one hour of he day I would go back to the 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. The anticipation and mix of emotions before seeing her walk down the aisle was exhilarating. Seeing her and then actually reciting our vows and being married was the highlight.” – Vince
“Haha, yes, we had a huge bridal party.  I picked the girls first, then we had to match them up!  6 of my 13 bridesmaids were family and the rest are close friends from different aspects of our lives - we couldn't imagine not having all of these people as part of our day, so rather than picking and choosing, we had them all! The guys are also super important to us, obviously!  Vince's son was the best man, most were family (cousins, my brother, my brother in law) and then several friends that we are close with!  The kids were the easiest part, we kept it to our sibling's kids only, although i also debated having a large group of all the kids in our lives walk down the aisle.  And, of course, my dogs (aka my kids) had to be a part of our special day, they are a special part of our lives!” - Lindsay
How awesomely (large) is this bridal party?! I wish I had this many friends! Talk about being surrounded by amazing friends all day! They had so much fun and kept the mood light for Vince and Lindsay.

I loved how beautiful she was in her dress - and experiencing her uniqueness in her vows!”- Vince
“I just loved seeing everyone have fun – I don't know if I'd say it made me laugh, but it definitely made me smile all day long!  Seeing our families and friends together, having fun, and all of the kids running around enjoying themselves made me so happy!” -Lindsay
Vince and Lindsay, from the first time we talked and you two had way about you that was comfortable and easy to get along with, I knew your wedding day was going to be special. I was so right. We are so happy for you guys as you begin your happily ever after together! 
all our best, 
Jenn, Shannon and Dusty

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