Desert Mountain Wedding, Scottsdale Arizona, Chris and Liz

From the first time I met Chris and Liz over crepes and coffee one Saturday morning a long (but what feels like a) short time ago, I knew we were going to get a long just fine. I don't even think we talked about their wedding half the time as it was just such a natural conversation.

    My thought is that this is what just happens when you sit down for breakfast with two best friends. They already have a natural rhythm and flow, that they quite easily bring other people (even those they are just meeting )into their fold. And I know now  people throw around the term 'best friend' so lightly, as if it can change from week to week or depending on what night of the week it is... but when I say best friend, I mean in the old-timey classic sort of way when I talk about Liz and Chris. The way that means a strong bond, a kinship, and knowing of one another. A way of not imagining life or day to day without the other. I saw it as we sipped vanilla latte's months ago, but I realized their true bond to each other as I witnessed their first look.

 Guys, I've seen a lot of first looks. Like a lot. And while I always get excited, I never cry. Not because I'm not sensitive, but its their moment, its two people doing their thing, in their own little world and I'm there to capture it unfolding...

I cried.

     I cried when Liz and Chris finally turned to face each other for the first time on their wedding day. It was moving and touching and it was the reunification of two best friends. And yes they'd only been apart for the day, but maybe that's what so touching about it. The fact that apart they just aren't quite them. Together they are whole.

    And last month they made that wholeness official before a whole crowd of people as they swore to each other to live out the rest of their lives as partners, friends, as man and wife. It was an honor to witness these two kindred spirits become one. To watch them whirl around the dance floor, to shove cake in each others' face, and my favorite part of their night, the had one last dance in each others' arms in a room full of absolutely no one but each other.

     It was the best. Even I left. Seriously Dusty and I took our photos and then tiptoed out the back...the moment was too perfect for these two people to even be present for it. The moment was theirs and I forever hope every couple always does a last dance with their new hubby/wife. And that they kick every soul out of the room so they can enjoy the true presence of the other. Cause at the end of the day, that's all you have, is each other.

  So to Chris and Liz, I raise my proverbial glass in an toast to you; here is to best friends - the genuine kind. And a lifelong of happiness together with the person who makes you feel whole.

Much Love, Jenn and Dusty and the Studio Girls
“ If I could re-live 1 hour of the day, it would be the hour before leading up to (and including) the first look. I went from calm and collected to nervous and eventually speechless when I first saw her. At that point all the nerves were gone and it was pure joy. A close second is after finishing photographs during the cocktail hour, taking about 20 minutes with her and going up to the roof deck, just to spend time alone. With so much going on it was nice to be with her in a calm, tranquil moment with just us.” -Chris
I wanted to day to feel like it was a reflection of both Chris and I. Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding day but I didn't want it to just be about me! For the colors, I chose Navy and hues of Gold, I think navy is a timeless color and the gold added a little bit of sparkle to the day.”
An amazing team of vendors came together for such a beautiful day! Props to you guys for making this wedding one to remember!
Wedding Coordinators: Skyla Brooke Events
Dress: Pronovias at Schaffers
Grooms Outfitting: Men's Warehouse
Shoes: Kate Spade
Hair and Makeup: Makeup Artistry by Natalie
We couldn't have asked for a wedding party! Our friends traveled from literally all across North America to be a part of our big day. From Chicago to Calgary and all the way to Nashville, we were so blessed to call this group our best friends. My sister, Alexandra, was my maid of honor. We are super close and not just sisters, but best friends. She has known Chris from the start and they've developed a close friendship. Her speech was one of my favorites of the night because she knows us both so well. Chris' best man, Greg, has been his best friend since high school. No matter how much time passes, they always pick up right where they left off.”- Liz
“Flowers were such a hard decision for me, working for Your Event Florist gave me inspiration-overload. However, after sitting down with Kevin Reed, the owner, he took my vision of greenery and garden blooms and transformed it into a masterpiece. I teared up when I saw my bouquet, knowing the work and detail they put into creating it. From the pops of burgundy dahlias in the bridesmaid bouquets to the candlelit reception, it was everything I had dreamed of and more.”- Liz
“It was great hanging out with my groomsmen in the morning. They took the anxiety out of everything and helped me to be able to relax and joke around. I don't get to see most of them often so it was great having everyone there together at once.” -Chris
“I was so excited to finally get to see Chris, when our eyes locked I felt elated. It was truly one of the best moments of my life. I saw the pure joy (and tears) in his eyes and felt like we were in our own world. Any hesitation I had about doing a first look was totally erased. It was such an intimate and emotional moment for us both. All the nerves faded away and I felt blissful finally being in his arms.”- Liz
“The thing I loved most about my beautiful bride were her eyes and the way she looked at me. I could tell she was nervous but happy initially, and began to calm down and enjoy the moment.” -Chris

The Ceremony

“During the ceremony, we also presented each of our mother's with a single stem rose. We are both very close to our mom's and wanted to take a minute to remind each of them how thankful we are.”- Liz
“Our adorable flower girl Peyton stripping down to her panties during our ceremony was absolutely hysterical. Of course I tried to focus on just Chris during the ceremony but seeing Peyton, naked and happy as can be in the crowd, kept making me laugh. It was a great way to ease my nerves of being in front of everyone.”- Liz

The Reception

"The details were especially important for me because it was an opportunity to showcase the things that Chris & I love. Chris is a car guy in truest sense and I wanted to incorporate his passion into the day, with some glamour (of course)! I came up with the idea of using a Valet Key Board as our escort card board, each of our guests received a vintage car key with a valet tag assigning them to their car for the night. The tables were named after Chris' favorite classic cars and we used license plates for the table numbers.”- Liz

“Our families hold a huge place in our hearts and we wanted to honor them in a special way. The Generations of Love ladder displayed wedding photos from our parents and grandparents, it was a tribute to the love we are lucky enough to be surrounded by each and every day. For my something borrowed and old, my cousin lent me my paternal grandmother's pearl ring. She passed away when my dad was a young boy, so it meant so much to be to have a small piece of her there with me. My bouquet also included tribute, a broach belonging to Chris' maternal grandmother, she passed away before Chris was born. His mom asked if I would like to have it on my bouquet, to carry a piece of her mother on our day, I was more than happy to include this special family heirloom.”- Liz

“It's really all so much a blur, but the thing that sticks out most to me about our reception was our first dance obviously. Seeing my parents dance was also a big highlight for me. My dad is pretty far from the life of the party and it was really heart warming to see them enjoying it and happy for us.” -Chris
“My dad has always been my biggest supporter and the man I look up to most. I knew it would be a bittersweet moment when we gave me away, but he couldn't be happier for Chris & I. Our father daughter dance was very important to me, I wanted to make sure he knew how grateful I was for all of the love and support he has given me throughout my life. It was his little moment to shine and we both enjoyed it.”- Liz
“From the very start, I knew that Jenn had to be our photographer. When we initially talked on the phone, she seemed to just "get me." After meeting her in person, I was totally sold on her passion for weddings and dedication to her clients. A big part of the decision was how comfortable (my now-husband) Chris was around her too. He can be more on the quiet side but he was able to connect with Jenn. She was always so communicative and ready to solve any problems that came our way. When Chris got the flu the day before our engagement photos, Jenn was so understanding and even offered to bring him soup to feel better.  She truly cares about her clients. We were able to reschedule and once I saw the images, I knew we made the right choice. The images she captures are so bright and full of emotion! 
As we neared the wedding day, her organization and attention to detail was AMAZING! I'm a bit OCD and when it came to our wedding day, I had a lot of questions and concerns. Jenn handled all of them and put me at ease. On the day of, Jenn and Dusty were rock stars! All of our guests were commenting on not only their hustle, but how they did it with a smile on their faces the entire time. I couldn't have asked for a better team to be part of our wedding day. As our family grows, Jenn will be my go-to photographer for any and all future needs!!.” - Liz

Guys!! Is it weird that when I look at your wedding photos I think to myself? Gosh I wish I had these as my wedding photos!? I'm serious. Not only did you guys have an amazing army of people cheering you on all day, but the love between is so vibrant, you are clearly best friends. And your life together is destined for greatness. From the colors, to the dress, to the decorations, everythign came together perfectly and I am so happy you pulled off a once in a lifetime wedding day! Thank you for letting us be there to capture you beautiful day! We now have a fond place in our hearts for Desert Mountain an the entire crew that made this day such a beauty to witness! Cheers to you both!

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