Pink and Navy Scottsdale Arizona Wedding| Blair and Tim

I remember the first time I met Blair and her mom, we were at the very location they got married, sipping on tea and munching on salads and after about an hour and a half of chit chat we finally got to talkign about their actual wedding day! They were both just so sweet, easy to talk to and said they couldn't wait for me to meet Tim! He was just as great and the rest of the family followed suit. That whole day was just amazing, and I can honestly say I would have paid money to be a bridesmaid!! Does that sound weird? Its true!! No only did they keep things light and fun throughout the day, but they are all amazing dancers! So by default I would be an amazing dancer too right? : ) Their choreographed dance to Uptown Funk during the reception was seriously amazing and had Tim and Blair laughing from their seats! 

Speaking of the bride and groom... there something so fun about watching the dynamics of a couple on their wedding day. You get to see how they love and watch it unfold naturally in front of you. This relationship that Tim has with Blair, its a bold but delicate love. Its the kind that sweeps her off her feet, but holds her gently after a long day. She loves him deeply and without reserve and their commitment to each other was made known on this most perfect day. Tim and Blair you guys are adorable. I want to love better and you have set such a great example. I always ask brides and groom questions after their weddings to get a take, and Tim's response is by far the most animated and generous in detail. It shows how dedicated he is to this marriage and the excitement he has to be married to the girl of his dreams! I thought it was so endearling, I had to share it first and in full! (just below)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting us capture such an important day. It was breathtaking. 

Much love, 
Jenn and the studio girls
Their story: 
"August 2014, we took a trip to Phoenix to visit some of my family. Blair's parents (Don and Jennifer) joined us on the trip to meet me and because they have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and finally had an excuse to make the trip. After finally meeting me and spending a day with me, they returned to the hotel and said to Blair, "We are exhausted." They were exhausted from my outgoing and talkative personality that especially comes out when I am nervous. I was so nervous because I was going to ask their permission to marry Blair.
The next day, Blair and Jennifer went to get their nails done and her dad and I went to play golf. I planned on asking Don if I could marry his daughter. I was so nervous, that played the worst game of his life, a game that I spent all summer working on. Unfortunately, we played with two other gentlemen and there was not really a chance for me to ask for Blair's hand. We went back to the hotel and just as I was building up the courage to ask, Blair called to let me know that she and Mom were ready to be picked up. She had ruined my moment! When Blair later found out she felt terribly!
That night we all had dinner at my grandparents' house. I went to pick up Blair's parents from the hotel and in the car finally got my chance to ask permission to propose to Blair. Thankfully they said yes.
The following morning, we all went to the Grand Canyon. While Blair and Jennifer were in the store, I told Don his plans of proposing at Yavapai Point, our next stop. When we got there, Don told Blair to look around the corner. She did and said, "I don't know what I'm looking at over here, there is just more rock." Meanwhile, I got down on one knee and as I opened the ring box, the ring came flying out of the box and bounced toward the edge of the Grand Canyon. Don watched the whole thing, and his heart stopped along with mine. Luckily, I reached out and about 6 inches from the edge of the canyon, stopped the ring from falling. I quickly put the ring back in the box and tapped Blair on the shoulder. I, very quickly, asked "Will you marry me?" For a man notorious for talking too much, this was one time I was short on words. Blair peeked at her dad, fearing he might throw me off the cliff, because in an attempt to surprise Blair, I had told Blair the night before that Don had said he wanted to wait to get to know me better before he gave his permission for marriage. Much to her surprise, Don gave Blair a nod, indicating his approval and Blair immediately said yes.
That whole day, I ran around telling everyone I could, that Blair had said yes! Most people at the Grand Canyon were tourists, many from abroad, and spoke little to no English, so merely smiled at me as if I were a crazy man. Finally, I found a family that spoke English and the woman brought her whole family over to meet us. There were champagne toasts at lunch, lots of phone calls and texts to tell family and friends, and a wonderful day that neither of us will forget." -Tim
The Lovely Vendors that created this day
Florals: Jan Dekker
Videography: Simply Cinema
Linens: La Tavola
Groomswear: J. Crew
Makeup and Hair: Ruca Bowman, Ashley Nicole 
Invitations: Celebrations in Paper
"My ring has a very cool story. I have to go back a bit to explain. For every child my Mom had, my Dad would buy her a piece of jewelry. When I was born she got a pair of beautiful diamond earrings from him. At some point, one of the earrings was lost and never found. My mom kept the other earring in the safe for years. Last summer, my mom told Tim that she had a stone for him to give to me, and to ask for it whenever he would like it. Later that summer Tim and I went to my family jewelers in Michigan to buy his wedding ring. When I was there, I looked at engagement rings just for fun, because that is what girls do, even though he had already proposed with another ring. I found a setting that I loved and showed it to Tim. He loved it just as much as I did, and he decided I had to have it. At that time he asked my mom for that stone because family means so much to me, and it is a great way to showcase that. He had the stone put in the setting, and now, I will always have a part of my family with me whenever I wear it. " -Blair
"We met working at J.Crew. We worked a few closing shifts together and got to know each other a little better through many hours of folding clothes. We became friends while working there, but nothing more. He left J.Crew a year later and we didn't really talk after that. He would message me on Facebook (because he didn't have my phone number) and I would never respond. He probably said "hey" at least 20 times before I responded. One night I was at home after a long day at ballet just sitting with my laptop, and for some reason decided to respond. We talked that whole night and finally exchanged phone numbers. We had our first date at my apartment, and I made him dinner. I have never been so nervous cooking. We had such a great time, and I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time. That summer I went back to my hight school 'Walnut Hill School for the Arts' to be an RA. That summer is when I decided he was the one. I hated not seeing him everyday. Even though we talked over FaceTime and the phone it was not the same. I realized I never wanted to spend a day without him. I started crying (no surprise there) and walked over to one of my best friends room (Evangeline, one of my bridesmaids) and told her. She was so excited for me! A few days later Tim called telling me how much he loved me and asked if I would ever want to get married? He told me how he hated not seeing me everyday and never wanted to spend another day without me. It was perfect! Once I got home from Walnut Hill, he met my parents and asked my dad for my hand in marriage." -Blair

The wedding!

         "It may not have been a full hour, but it felt like a lifetime waiting for her to come down the aisle with her dad. If I could relive that over and over again, I would. I have never been more excited in my life to see anyone. That short time is going to be remembered forever.forchristWhen Blair came walking down the aisle, I was shocked. Everything about her was perfect. Her dress, her hair, the way the light hit her, I tell people that the sun was in my eyes, but the truth is, nothing was more perfect. In that moment, my life was complete." -Tim
"My favorite thing about Tim... that's a tough one. He would joke and say it's our dog George. In all serious though, my favorite thing about him is his ability to make me laugh and his ability to love me through everything. No matter how bad of a mood I am in, he can make me burst out laughing and it always turns my day around. Sometimes it requires him to be utterly ridiculous and use his German accent, but he will do anything to make me smile. He loves me through everything, every crying meltdown, every tough day at work. He is always at home waiting to give me a hug. There is so much to love about him and I just feel so lucky to have him by my side for the rest of my life." -Blair
Oh my gosh they are so cute!!
Love love all of their details!
UPTOWN FUNK underway by the bridal party and close friends! I wanted to do it with them so bad! The entire room was having a blast watching this number. This is what happens when a bridal party has a bunch of amazing dance!

Oh my gosh you guys! What a day! I am so so happy for you guys and wish you all the happiness as you begin your first year of marriage together. Its the best!
All our best, 
Jenn Wagner and the Studio Girls
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