DC Ranch Engagement Session | Jarell and Deleviere

Cannot say enough good things about these two! When we first met for coffee a month ago I had an instant connection with Deleviere because our little girls are exactly the same age and she is so easy to talk to! No wonder Jarell fell head over heals so quickly when they met years ago. I fell more in love with them as they made these photos feel so effortless. Their smiles and sweet romance is so evident and you can tell their relationship is strong as they come. I am so excited to meet their (huge) families in the Spring and know their wedding day is going to be one of a kind! 

Thank you Deleveire and Jarell! I cannot wait for your big day! Thank you for being so incredible to work with and making my job look easy! Enjoy your engagement photos!

"The same night of our first kiss when I was getting ready to leave he walked me to the car, I told him it was getting late and I needed to get home to pack for the trip, we began to say our good-byes... again. It was the hardest good-bye, although I was excited to see family I hadn't seen in years, I felt like I was leaving a piece of me behind. The first night I was there I received a text message at 1am saying "I miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much." At that very moment I knew I was in love with the man I am soon going to call my husband." - Deleviere

"One of my favorite things about Deleviere is her unique personality. There is always something to laugh at with her. Like when she pronounces something wrong or when she picks through her food its always funny looking at what's left on her plate when she's done Its silly but makes me laugh. How she likes her hamburgers with ketchup and pickles only EXTRA pickles. She's just so innocent with certain things and I love it at times it makes me laugh and at times just makes me feel warm. Coming up on 7 years with her and there's still so much for me to discover, explore, and show her." -Jarell
"I'm looking forward to growing with and spending the rest of my life with her. Being our own family. I'm excited for everything. I cant say there's something I'm most looking forward to... Family vacations, adding to our home, anniversaries, growing as parents, accomplishing our dreams.... I'm looking forward to it all!"- Jarell
"We are getting married at Superstition Manor which has a tuscan feel to it, with Superstition Mountain as a back drop it is absolutely beautiful. What I anticipate most about my wedding day is seeing the look on Jarells face as I enter the church and walk down the isle to meet him. Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of this day, and I wouldn't pick anyone else to be waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I cannot wait to look into Jarells eyes as we take our vows in the presences of God, and surrounded by people we love.  To be able to share such a meaningful day with those present means the world to me. And of course to officially be Mrs. Turner!" - Deleviere
The one thing I do need to remember, is to not even mention the heat (it was 114 on the day of their shoot), because Jarell is a firefighter and has had to deal with much hotter circumstances! Not to self; no complaining around firemen! : ) 
" The first time we said " I Love You".... she actually said it first through a text message lol I know... shame! I was at home and she was at school. Not a moment went by when we weren't  communicating with each other. I think we were talking about being excited for a concert we were planning to go to. But I was caught off guard for a moment it the first time I had been told I was loved by another woman outside of family. I felt really good inside I remember I just stood up off my bed and just smiled. It was only natural to say it back. We had a really good puppy love stage I loved every minute it. She's my first and only love and I like it just that way." -Jarell

"Our first kiss happened back in 2009 we were at Sun Ray park, I was getting ready to leave to a family trip for 4th of July weekend to El Paso, Texas. We agreed to hang out late at night under the stars and say good-bye before I left. I remember sitting on an alligator on the children's play ground and he came up in front of me softly caresses my face and leans me in for a kiss. At that moment time felt like it stood still while butterflies consumed me. He has always been a gentleman, very passionate when he kisses me which is what made it unique." - Deleviere

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