Chris and Elizabeth | Scottsdale Engagement Session

Whatever this couple has, it is it people. It is the kind of movie-like love that makes you just want to applaud the main characters for finding each other, and at the same time seems so inevitable that they had to end up together! Chris and Liz got that comfy, I knew you forever and we just met kind of love and it was so clear as we headed out to the desert for their engagement session. They laughed, they kissed, shoot I didn't even need to tell them what to do half the time! This couple just fits and I am so happy for them both! Chris and Liz, your wedding day will be here before you know it, and I can't wait for the magic to continue! 


"I first knew I was in love with Chris on a random Saturday afternoon. We had picked up my nephew from his baseball game in Chris' classic Chevelle. My nephew wanted Chris to go fast and do a burnout, I was not as excited about it. Chris looked over at me and said, "do you trust me?", I knew at that moment I trusted and loved him with my entire being. ​My heart had known for a long time that I loved him, but that afternoon my head finally caught up." - Liz
 "Chris is constantly making jokes! A time that stands out was when we were driving to New Mexico for Chris to pick up a car. I joined in on the drive to keep him company. I just remember him singing loudly to the radio, making up song lyrics and inserting my name into the most random songs. We laughed the entire car ride! He will do just about anything to make me laugh and I love that about him." - Liz

"The thing I love most about her is her laugh. She tolerates my corny jokes,  she gives me pitty laughs most of the time. Its not that the jokes are bad (I'm hilarious, I make myself laugh and not ashamed of it), she just seems to be picky about what gets a laugh. However on certain occasions she lets it all go, and the best part of it is once it gets to a certain point she laughs even harder because of how hard she's laughing. Sometimes I've legitimately been worried that she'll pass out from not being able to breathe. But hearing that genuine joy and happiness from her warms me up inside and reminds me just how much I love her....even if she can't appreciate all my jokes."- Chris
"I wanted to be sure she didn't see it coming, so I picked a day that would be the last one she'd think i would propose on, my birthday. I told her that I wanted to go to a nice dinner with both our families, she thought it was strange but suspected nothing. It was the most nerve wracking dinner I've ever had. My plan was after the main course, the waiter would drop off a card and a rose to "distract" her while I got down on one knee. I still remember the look of pure shock, confusion, joy and probably 10 other emotions on her face at that moment. For the first minute, she couldn't speak and was only capable of nodding yes, until finally she was able to form actual words. She kept saying "but its your birthday" to which I would reply "and I cant think of a better present for myself." - Chris
"Our first kiss was on the night I was celebrating my 24th birthday! It was the second time we had met but I just remember feeling so comfortable with him. Iwas like we had already been dating for awhile. I'm not sure who instigated it (there was alcohol involved) but after our first kiss I knew I only wanted to kiss him from that point on. ​The next day, my friends said they had never seen me like that with a guy, completely in our own world. They all joke that Chris was the one that finally melted my heart!" - Liz
... and then the sun came out for us mid-session!
"We were just getting ready to go to bed, I knew I had been wanting to say it for awhile but I was hesitant. I knew she felt the same way, but it still did not ease my mind. There was just that lingering "what if...." that no matter how much I told myself that wasn't going to happen, it wouldn't leave. I finally convinced myself to go for it and went in. I said the first two words, no turning back now. I finished the third word followed by what seemed like an eternal silence. Really it was only about  a second later that she replied "I love you too!" - Chris
Umm her ring tho!!!!
They love each other so much and its adorable!
Thank you Liz and Chris! Can't wait for your big day!

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