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Meet my friend Shannon.

She is one of those people who, no matter how much time goes by when we get on the phone, we talk for over an hour like we just saw each other last week. 

We have been friends for ten years now. 
Ten years! 
A whole entire decade. 
 We realized this when she came out to Phoenix to visit me in January. Shannon is a Kansas girl now, though we met in windy Oklahoma when we were just 19 years old. Barely adults, living out in the big world our first year of college. We met in the dorms our freshman year. Because what lifelong friendship doesn't begin in college dorms? 

Shannon and I in during our senior year of college at Oklahoma Christian University.
Sophomore year. 

Shannon is a deep thinker, one that asks that good questions that lead to long conversations that last well into the night. But she's also a laugher. You know, those people that are generous when it comes to cracking up. I love people like that. I laugh with this girl so much and it was so refreshing to have her come out to 'my side of the country'. While she was here visiting I made her get behind my camera to capture that infectious glowing smile. We had such a a good time!

Love you dearly Shann, here's to ten more years!

One other thing. I guess I never noticed that she had absolutely *flawless* skin until I was editing her photos up close. Man girl, you gorgeous. 

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