Josh + Stephanie | Engagement Photos!

I absolutely fell in love with this couple from the moment i saw them roll up on their bikes together. We did their engagement session at Granada park, the same location where Josh proposed which made the whole shoot so dreamy and wonderful!

After hearing their proposal story it just made everything more special! I can't do it justice so I just have to share Stephanie's version of The Proposal... 
 " It was a typical Saturday. Josh was out catching the latest boy movie with friends and I was off to hot yoga and running errands. That afternoon, we did a lot of chores around the house and I was itching to get outside. I suggested we go for a walk and have a picnic at Granda Park, not far from our home. After he agreed, he continued finishing whatever he was working on in the office and I packed a picnic with sandwiches, snacks and a few adult beverages. When we got to the park we picked out a nice spot on the hill, laid out the blanket and started talking. We were out there for hours talking about everything: our careers, family, where we'd like to live when we were older. Everything. And after awhile, the conversation topic turned to us: we started sharing what we loved about each other, how lucky we were to be together and then, after a kiss, I opened my eyes and Josh had a box in his hands. He opened it and asked, "Stephanie, will you marry me?" In complete and utter shock (um, hello, I planned the picnic!), I started crying and said yes! I couldn't have imagined it happening any better.
So excited for these two as they become one! Thank you Stephanie and Josh for letting me help tell your story! 
Josh, what was the moment your realized you loved Stephanie?

"We'd been dating for a couple of months, and we were hanging out at her place on a Saturday afternoon. Most weekends we spent together at her place or mine reading, watching TV, or catching up on a little work from the office. I think we'd just had lunch at the Subway down the street, and as we were talking there was a moment when I just looked at her and knew that she was going to be my future wife and the mother of my children. It wasn't anything in particular that she said or did; I simply knew it at that moment. I didn't tell her right away, but it wasn't long after until she heard me say that I loved her. " - Josh

Umm also, her hair is perfect. 
 Josh: " I'm most looking forward to the shared experiences we will have. I see us traveling to places I've always wanted to go but waited for the right person to take with me. We've already talked about buying our first home after the wedding. And I know she'll be a great mom when we start a family together. I smile when I think about having Stephanie at my side for those big milestones in life. "  
Stephanie, when did you first know that you wanted to marry Josh?

 "After Josh and I started dating, things progressed pretty fast. We met in August, started dating exclusively in October, moved in together in February and were engaged that September. If I had to choose a specific moment in time that I knew I wanted to marry him, I'd say it was a Saturday night right before we moved in together. We had just left one of my girlfriend's birthday gatherings when I randomly said that I wanted french toast for dinner. He looked at me and said, "done!" We went to the store and when we got back to my house he started cooking. I remember looking at him from across the kitchen that Saturday night thinking that I wanted to spend every Saturday night for the rest of my life doing just this." - Stephanie

Thank you guys for an incredible shoot at such a memorable location! I can't wait to capture your big day!!

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  1. What a beautiful engagement story. They are truly an adorable a couple of photos, Jenn, she looks a lot like you. One can tell how much they love one another. I look forward to seeing the precious moments of their wedding that you capture on film.

  2. I am Stephanie's Mom!!! I loved this blog!!!! It is easy to see that these two love each other very much and that they will be happy together!!! It truly is a match made in heaven!! I can't wait for the wedding!!! I also can't wait to be a Grandmother!!!

  3. Hi Ally! Congrats on the upcoming wedding! Your daughter is stunning and it was so fun seeing her and Josh together! Glad you love the photos!