Gill Family | Portraits

Its family. 
My family. 

And I feel so blessed to live so close to these four people.  
I get to watch my brother be a dad, to discipline, to spoon feed, to cuddle with his girls. 
I get to see Heather mother and watch first hand as she raises her kiddos at home. 

I get to capture their milestones, their memories of this one time in their life. 
 As they are just learning to walk, to run, to make friends, and how they are gelling and becoming their own family.   

Thank you for letting me be there to watch you grow. 

I love you guys. 

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  1. Love these!!!! Such great pictures of such a great little family!

    1. Not sure why this lists LCU MarCom, but this is Lisa Day ;-)

  2. haha! aww thanks Lisa day! : ) Love you guys!