Jenn Wagner Studio : 2017Photoshoot Location Ideas

Hello! So excited for yourshoot! 

Below are some ideas from some other sessions to help in your search for that perfect spot for your engagement session! As you scroll - try to take the people out of it and focus on the location, colors, and feel of how the environment plays into the overall photo. You'll quickly find the type of setting you are drawn to and of course with any of these locations we will make it unique and different during out session together. Most locations are free, however some do have an admissions fee or cost to shoot there and it is up to you guys to cover it. At the end of the list is some additional locations we have never shot but are open to! 

Happy searching! 

The Mountain Pass

($300 travel fee)

 The Royal Palms Resort: $150 Location Fee

The Boulders/Desert

Desert Feel: Papago Park

Villa Sienna - $50 fee

Scottsdale Library - Free

Contemporary Downtown Walls: free

El Chorro: Fee

Modern but green: Heritage Square Phoenix  (free)

Urban feel: Downtown Phoenix (free)

Gilbert: Riparian Preserve (free)

Old Main UofA 
($300 travel fee to Tucson)

Colorful and unique: Scottsdale Civic Center (free)

Desert/Cacti  Southwest feel - Phoenix: Desert Botanical Gardens ($45 location fee)

Mountains/Topography/ Desert - Papago Park (free)

Urban/modern -  Center for the Arts (free)

Mountain Preserve- Phoenix (free)

Farm/Nature - Phoenix: Farm at South Mountain ($100 fee for location)

Tempe Town Lakes  (at night) : Free

Frank Lloyd Wright Museum: ($60 location fee)

Desert outdoor/rustic feel - Phoenix (free)

Modern and Classy (free)

Other great places that have a session fee: 
Boojum Tree Phoenix : (Approx $100 session cost)
Japanese Friendship Garden : ($150)
Joes Farm Grille/ The Coffee Shop/Agritopia - ($50)

Other free locations! Google for ideas! 
Old town Glendale papa eds Ice cream shop
Old Main white building
Desert Riparian: Gilbert
Saguaro Ranch Park: Glendale
DC Ranch Marketplace (not on a weekend!)
Old Town Chandler
Goldfield Ghost Town - Apache Junction
Granite Reef Recreation Center ( Fountain Hills)
Old Town Gilbert (by Liberty Market)
Arizona Falls
Phoenix Library
Roosevelt Row Arts District Phoenix

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