Nell + Chris | Sedona Wedding

It was simple, it was beautiful. 

It was perfectly simply Nell & Chris. 

They said their vows and became one in Sedona, surrounded by colorful trees, a babbling brook and the excited laughter of the other. 
Okay, so let me just chime in here for a second... as a wedding photographer, I have heard tons of vows, and they are all very dear and wonderful moments. But I never cry. 

But when Nell and Chris spoke the words they had written for each other on their bright and colorful wedding day, Nell choking up, and Chris softly reaching over to wipe the tears from his soon to be wife's face...
My tears started filling my eyes. 
Like it really got to me. 
I literally had to move away so I coudn't hear them anymore. 

Such an intimate moment. 
About a boy loving a girl, and her affection for him in return. 
Just the two of them. 
For life. 

Nell and Chris... your wedding day was perfect. Thank you for letting me capture your memories. It was truly an honor. Love to you both as you begin this next phase of life together, as man, and wife.

Nell and Chris Hall

The first time Chris is seeing Nell in her wedding dress...

The Ceremony

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