Matt+ Cristina | Engagement Session

They fell in love, through laughter. 

One of Cristina's favorite moments with Matt during their first Christmas together. They decided to only do stocking stuffers as gifts for each other so a few days before Christmas they sat down together and quickly realized they had given each other stockings that unexpectedly matched. Not only did they both give the other an embroidered stocking with their initials, but they began laughing out loud because they had bought almost identical gifts for each other; a pair of snowboarding socks, a daily desk calendar (Soduku for him and photo hunt for her) and a burned CD. They still laugh about it to this day. 

That winter was really monumental in their relationship. That Christmas was also their first trip to the Botanical Gardens (where they got engaged) and on a snowy New Year's Day, most people had called it an early night, but Mat and Cristina weren't ready to say goodnight. They decided it would be fun to put on all their snowboarding gear and helmets and race air mattresses down the side of the steep mountain! 

I love the way Cristina told this part... so in her own words:
"Two other adventurous souls joined us and we went until all the branches popped the mattresses and we all tumbled onto each other. We were laughing so hard it hurt! Then we realized we had to climb back up to get back to the house! I was so exhausted from laughing and half way up I got a second wind and was ahead of Matt when suddenly he tackled me from behind. We just laid there in the snow laughing until we could muster the energy to climb the rest of the way and get back inside. 

Later that night was when Matt first told me he loved me. I told him I loved him too, and that was when I knew I wanted to always have him by my side and that life would be much more fun together! It really was a great first Holiday Season together."

Laugh out loud, adorable, joyful. love. 

Love this sweet moment. She's trying not to squirm!

It was towards the middle of 2011 that Matt really began to think about getting down on one knee and asking Cristina to marry him. He flew to Los Angeles for a motivational conference where a lightbulb went off. He realized the most important things in life are love and passion. 

Just like that he realized he could not wait any longer to ask Cristina for her hand in marriage. She is a girl that can let her hair down and have a great time with people no matter what, (especially if flip-cup is involved.)She is also one of the most driven, smart and successful women I know. He knew right then that he wanted to spend the rest of his life passionately in love with the girl of his dreams. 

umm so gorgeous. 

Matt and Cristina, you guys are *such* a fun couple! I love your story, I love how how both laughed together during like every moment of this shoot, and I love how you love and take care of each other. Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful personalities as you are about to enter into this new phase of your life together! You are wonderful!

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