The Mugos; Time flies with this family!

Okay, so I *thought* I had a great time with this bubbly family of four during a shoot we had this summer. ... little did I know they were just warming up to me!

I have to admit i thought it was the monster trucks, baseball and huge plot of grass that made this boys come alive, but during our christmas shoot they had just as much energy and really started to come out!

I promise you, I did not prompt this. They sat there with their arms around eachother , then rolled back in fits of laughter. Cutest. brothers. ever.

And I can see where this natural love and joy stems from... 

Love this family and can't wait to see them again! If there is one thing this session taught me, its that even though I begin to soak up the little intricacies of families the first time I get the opportunity to capture them, with each new session comes new comforts, shared laughter and deeper bonding. 

Its sessions like these where i walk away feeling like *I'm* the one that was blessed. 

Such a joy to get to do what I do. 

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