Ashley and Andrew Gill

I love when I get to do sessions with family.

Maybe its the bossy older sister in me, or the fact that i remember everyones names without having to recite them in my head 10 times before everyone arrives... but there is just an ease that we quickly fall into, and its warm and relaxing.

I got to shoot these two lovebirds back in August at their beautiful colorado wedding, and now they are coming up on their first christmas together! Somehow i think they managed to evade the usually hecticness (yes i made that word up) of planning schedules and stress in sorting out which family gets what holiday. Maybe thats the advantage of being the youngest? Or maybe they are just a great together and find those kind of things easy. Jealous.

: )

4 months into marriage and they seem as happy as ever. I've been by their house when Ashley is cooking homemade sweet potatoes fries and pulled pork with Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce. I swear these two were just made for eachother. She is a fantastic wife and seeing them together makes me happy.

aren't they cute : ) 

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