6th Birthday Dream Come True

She's colorful, loves to be messy and is a girl who knows what she wants. Megan has been asking for this Birthday  Paint Party since she was 4 years old, and now that she is 6, her brave mom and dad bought out the paint aisles at the three closest craft stores, invited over all her friends, filled up squirt guns with paint, and braced themselves for an afternoon full of organized chaos.  

Look at that sweet little smile of a girl fully embracing her special day. 

The kiddos just loved all the activities planned. From the moment you let the sidewalk chalk direct you to the backyard where all the fun was to be had, it was non-stop game on! Starting with decorate your own t-shirt and paint the tail on the donkey. 

I think i would have exhausted all of my creative energy by the time the hotdogs rolled out. Not this party! Joanne had planned even this part down. From the 'paint your own hotdogs' complete with ketchup, mustard and paintbrushes, everything went with the theme spot on!

 The fun continued with cake as each kiddo got to decorate their own cupcake with whatever sprinkles, frosting and decor they could find. Needless to say, I think this freedom led to the sugar overload 1/2 later.

Oh and lest you think that these type of events just happen, rest assured there was plenty of parental involvement in this happy day. Joanne and Devan are rockstar parents and i couldn't help but give a little credit to their *nonstop* work behind the scenes during this birthday bash. 

And yes, they definitely did join in the paint fun.... in fact i think its safe to say that Joanne instigated the paint war!

In the end, the kids had a blast and you had one happy six year old who got to truly live out her dream by literally SLATHERING herself in paint. She was in her own world for about 20 or so minutes, enthusiastically trading her friends for the green, and then the blue and then the orange. She took her sweet time to cover ingjust about every inch of her showing skin. It is, after all, her party. : ) 

Happy 6th Birthday Megan!! 

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  1. What a great idea and gorgeous pics. Love the bold colors!