Macias Family: + A Baby Girl on the Way!

I talked to Jessica before I met her and her 'all boy' family at the shoot. " I have three rambunctious, fun loving boys!" she said,  "Oh and they all LOVE soccer". Fun loving was the perfect way to describe this family of 5 going on 6.

Upon first meeting them I was impressed at how well mannered  her boys were. Clearly Renee and Jessica have raised these boys up right because they were so polite and smiled with the cutest faces as if they'd been Gap models since birth.
I mean look at those little faces! Kind of wish they were my kids.  : ) 

It wasn't too long into the session that their fun and outgoing personalities came shining through. This one was done without prompting and I just love their personalities in this!

Though this family is all boy now, in just a few short months they will be welcoming a little girl to the family! We got to take a few photos of Jessica's baby bump in progress!

Okay side note: Can I just say I was so impressed with the heels Jessica was rocking during this shoot?!We walked all around downtown Chandler and she never complained once and in fact, I never saw her break a sweat! She looked amazing and I know part of her 'glow' was pure excitement to meet her new little girl in March.

When we pulled the soccer ball out, we got some real smiles, you could tell the boys were in their element amongst the grass, quick feet and trying to bypass their dad.  Soccer. Its a daily part of this families' life as they go from practice to games and playing out in the backyard with dad.

Thank you Macias Family for letting me capture your amazing family, I can't wait to watch as your family grows! 

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