Why'd he put it on the ground?

Well i didn’t exactly make it to my goal. I was hoping to save up everything  I needed to buy the the Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. But with a new Gill baby on the way, i just couldn’t take the chance that i wouldn’t have it before Heather started the birthing process. which could literally be any moment.

So after passively implying dropping huge hints to Ricky for the past week that I was becoming impatient waiting for the newest lens, he finally saw the light. Besides i had learned most of my lesson about patience and waiting since i’d saved up the $250 on my own… right? I wasn’t EXACTLY impulsive. I’d been researching and reading all about which next lens was right for me.. and my 50mm was ready to make its postal journey to our house. and fast. i overnighted that baby and tracked that package online each step of the way, as if i was actually had some control over how it was handled. i wish.

I race home from work, check the porch to see if Mr. Man has arrived with my package, and nothing. So an hour goes by and  I'm in the bathroom washing my face when the doorbell rings, I drop what Im doing; water dripping and mascara running down my face, grab shorts and *hop* my way in to them as i race for the door. I swing open the door to find a guy standing there with postal paperwork.


" I see you've got a package"

He points to the ground.

thats weird, why'd he put it on the ground....?

" yeah! so excited thank you!"
"So your name is Jennifer Wagner right?"


" Formally Jennifer Gill?"

"Yes" again kinda weird, but so excited to bust into that box and snap on that new lense that i don't think much of it.

Meanwhile, he's fiddling with papers.... and just as i am craddling my new camera in my arms

"Alright so you are scheduled to appear in court on August 21st, or you can just pay the fine".


yea. he was.


[caption id="attachment_10" align="aligncenter" width="573" caption="i mean there are tons of people in phoenix driving a 10' civic.. can we really be sure that is even me.... : )"][/caption]

talk about a slap in the face! Here I am all excited to get my camera and this ups imposer  hands me a a ticket ciation. lame.

but as my gentle and loving husband reminded me, i did break the law.*true*

So after getting over the shock of the $250 fine and swearing i will never speed again,  i finally got to rip open the shiny tape and crisp packaging to reveal my newest member of my canon family

and. i. love. it.


  1. You ARE riot!!!!!

  2. That is the funniest story ever!!!! I'm still laughing :)

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