Wastchak Family Fun

I had been looking forward to my photo session with the Wastchak family for quite some time. Joanne was the winner of my facebook contest and won a free family "mini" session, which actually turned into more of an extended evening of ice cream, great conversation and just fun company. We have some history with this family as Ricky, well, "Mr. Wagner" taught Jessica for first grade at Hanock Elementary. He said she was already reading the Boxcar series when she *came in* to first grade! What! Talk about smart! And Megan entered kindergarten this year and is mirroring her sisters' success already with a love for school! I had met them all back at an event in the fall and they are a great family to be around.  Okay but back to the session. : )

What a blessing this family is! Its so fun to be around families, you can tell a family dynamic very clearly when you are on my end of the camera. The love that Devan and Joanne have for their girls is so abundant. They were so laid back and had these genuinely joyful smiles. The kind that all kids have when they are safe and loved.

Okay but my favorite part of the session: this moment. Now hear me out, I had said that we should do a pose where Joanne was kind of leaning on Devan from behind, like on his shoulder. Well i think they thought I said something different, cause we got a *FULL ON PIGGBACK* from this spritely couple! Aren't they adorable?! love it. I couldn't help but crack up as Devan trotted with his beautiful wife just laughing in tow. Hilarious.

Jessica and Megan were just precious and so themselves in such different ways. I really like to let families and especially kids bring things to the session that will allow them to be themselves. It brings out personalities and I get genuine smiles! So for Megan that was cartwheels handstands and very impressive backbends. For Jessica, that meant bringing along one of the books she is in the middle of now. Joanne told me that Jessica was thrilled when she learned she could "bring a book to the photoshoot." Of course! I want to capture the girls for who they are right now.

I think this one might showcase their difference in personalities best. : )

But in the end, they get along great and their smiles were abundant.

The girls did so good that at the end we strolled down to a nearby ice cream shop and snapped a few more :)

It was a genuine sad goodbye when the shoot was over.

Thanks for letting me capture your family! See you soon!


  1. Loved all of your pictures Jenn. It comes as no surprise to me that Joanne won your Facebook contest. Have you seen her scrapbooking efforts--nothing less than creative genius. Anyway, that's another story. I loved all of your pictures--especially the ones of Joanne & Devan playing and the one of Megan doing cartwheels while Jessica reads. That one really captures the essence of their personalities. How can two sisters be so different, but as you can see, they share a very special bond. They don't know it yet, but they are already best friends and will be forever. Your photos caught the truth of it all. I'm their grandmother so I know how good your photos really are. By the way, Megan cried when she learned that Mr. Wagner would never be her teacher. What a shame the government can't see the benefit in raising teacher's wages so the good ones don't get away. Keep on taking pictures. Bonnie Currah

  2. You are so sweet! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Joanne and Devan are raising 2 beautiful and good people. I know Mr. Wagner was sad to leave the teaching world because of kids like Megan and Jess. Maybe someday he'll find his way back to it. Thanks again for spreading your love and encouragement. It means a lot as i just start out! : )