Superbowl Sunday and our brush with football mania!

We take a short break from our regularly scheduled post with beautiful succulent bouquets, posh brides and scalloped lace wedding veils to bring you this; football post! Haha! This is so far from our normal blogging, but with all the excitement of the super bowl today, we thought we'd jump in on the fun and talk about the one time our photos were featured on ESPN and Sports Illustrated because some of our awesome clients created the Inferno Hand Pouch for football players and asked us to do their photography! We had such a blast shooting in multiple locations, from the football field, to the great outdoors, to studio work. 
Mike and Alli are such an amazing and entrepreneurial couple. We shot their Chicago wedding a few years back ago and had such a blast working alongside them as they launched their state of the art gear company, Roo Outdoor. Its already gotten amazing traction since its debut, with great reviews news coverage from major outlets and now they've even created an apparel line as well!

Not only do we love the couple, but we love the product as well! I personally own the black version of the hand pouch and sported it during part of our shoot up North in Sedona. It was snowing and my hands were absolutely freezing.  I  needed my hands warm and usable to be able to get change exposure for each shot, and The Roo kept them warm and let me do my job! 

 If you have a sports player in your family, from high school QB, to Friday night beer league, this is a great gift for them to stay warm and loose the bulk while they play on chilly days! Great for hunters and outdoorsmen too! They also have the softest tees and clothing, great for working out and training. I have two of their shirts and love them! Let's be for real, I don't look as good wearing them as our model Katie did, but still!
( PS: this pretty girls' hubby made it to the Super Bowl this year and is playing #sb50! Go Broncos!) 

You can now return to your regularly scheduled hilarious commercials, chicken wings and hopefully a lot of action at today's game! 

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