Behind the Scenes look from a Bride's Perspective:

We are so honored to be shooting  Chris and Elizabeth's wedding next Fall  2016! She works for the adorable team over at Your Event Florist, and can I just say we are stoked to see her florals at her wedding?! If you haven't checked them you you need to, their work is incredible and we have loved working with them at past weddings! 

As someone that works in the wedding industry and is also getting married, Elizabeth is doing a blog series on a behind the scenes look at finding her wedding vendors as a bride! How cool is that!? We were stoked when she said she wanted to talk about her process finding us! Reading her blog post brought tears to our eyes as she talked about the connection and feeling so comfortable from the first time we talked! That's when you know its a great fit! 
We truly wish every bride feels that instant connection with their wedding photographer, whether it is with us or someone else! You and your hubby will spend a lot of time with your photographer on one of the most important days of your life, and you want someone that makes you feel comfortable and brings out those natural smiles organically!

(some excerpts from her blog entry you can read it here!)

"For as long as I can remember, I’ve been extremely picky about photos of myself. There was a short time in college when I felt like I needed to document and post every moment of my life but since then I’ve gone back to my old ways. So, when trying to figure out our wedding photographer, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I decided to start by browsing through some blogs and past YEF weddings...I immediately emailed Jenn Wagner, explaining my love for her work and how much I would like to have her be a part of our day! Jenn, from the start, was so warm and informative. The first time we talked on the phone I felt like it was an old friend. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable explaining details of your wedding and relationship with someone you’ve never met, but it came super easy with her!"- Elizabeth ( JW Studio bride)

"Jenn emphasized capturing moments, not posing or forced situations. She told us the story of a recent wedding and an image she took of the Bride seeing her grandfather for the first time that day, the Bride didn’t know if he was going to make it. Jenn captured the moment without the Bride knowing and shared it with her after the wedding. You could tell she genuinely cared about each wedding! I had already decided on the phone she was our photographer but meeting her in person solidified my decision. After the meeting, Chris said, “She needs to be our photographer” before I could even start talking!

Thanks Elizabeth! We are so honored to be there to capture one of the most important parts of your love story as you become Chris' wife ! 
I hope some of the behind the scenes looks at the process is insightful for brides just starting the search for their perfect photographer! It should be a fun, comfortable process, and when you find the right match, you will know it!
Read the full article here

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