Jenn Wagner Studio at WPPI 2015

As a photographer, a large portion of my job consists of time in my office, answering emails, editing photos, creating timelines and coordinating with vendors on the phone. While all of that is a great and a very necessary part of owning a successful business, sometimes my world gets pretty small. That is why I love being able to attend conferences like WPPI - I get to be around other amazing photographers- and trust creatives are the most fun!!

I feel so fortunate to be a part of such an specifically amazing group of  photogs- the Showiteers. We all use Showit which is a software unlike any other website company as it allows you the freedom to create your site however you want and offers mobile and blog capabilities too! For a non-tech guru like me this is such an amazing thing to be able to customize my site without messing with any of the backend or crazy coding! Which means I can't mess up my site cause I broke something. Its such an amazing tool for creatives that want freedom to show their work through an easy to use, perfectly customizable site. Love SHOWIT! The best part though is the community that comes with it! So many amazing people!

I got made fun of for drinking diet coke out of a wine glass - classy Jenn, classy. 
I got to talk to amazing vendors like Two Bright Lights as I work towards my goal for this year of getting 10 weddings published, attend awesome personalized classes where we actually got to talk and share what its like to run a business and be a parent. I learned a ton about the importance of a great mobile website and how to ramp up my SEO. I met new friends, ate some amazing food and of course went to a few parties! It was such a great experience!

Getting to go to things like WPPI are not without it's sacrifices as I'm away from family, but it's always a great investment and reminder that yes- photography is my job - but that's only because it was my *passion* first. It's so nice for the refresher that I'm exactly where I want to be with my ideal career and doing what I love that allows me to stay home with my baby, shoot amazing weddings, and meet the coolest brides and grooms. So keenly aware of my blessings today.

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