Katie and Danny| E session

The first time Danny saw her at Four Peaks, he thought there was no way Katie could be single. After all she was extremely confident, funny and beautiful. Even with so much going for her he was (pleasantlysurprised to find out some other guy hadn't won her heart... yet...

Fast forward to the first time Danny met all of Katie's family in Santa Cruz, CA. They had been dating for a while, and this was make it or break it time as it was so important that Danny fit in well with her family. So one evening after dinner Katie slipped into the kitchen and left Danny to fend for himself with 10 of her inquisitive family members, including her 2 older brothers. Danny not only impressed her older brothers, but passed with flying colors as her entire family loved him and welcomed him as one of them. 

For Katie, this sealed the deal and after that, she KNEW she was going to marry Danny. After that fateful dinner, Katie and Danny shared those three little words for the first time... they said it once and then again and again and again, exploding with emotion like a shaken up love soda. 

Danny and Katie, you guys are an amazing couple and your love was so fun to capture. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day, and for such a fun photo shoot! You guys rocked it and i can't wait until your wedding in July! 

Thanks again you guys!! 

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